different tone

I don’t know how it took several weeks of listening to BBC2 Radio on and off while hovering around in the kitchen until I noticed that there are no commercial breaks. It’s a pleasant novelty and their muic is between quite nice and still bearable, plus there’s hourly news. In Austria the national broadcaster takes license fees from the public too, but also sells adspace in ridiculous quantity. I’m OK now paying TV license here (which I assume includes radio too), a thing I always refused and rarely did back then.

When we were given the keys to the house and got in there was already a letter about having to get a TV licence on the doormat. It came to the point straight away on page one, in a rather brusk tone, threating with court appearance and a big fine if the fee is not paid immediately. This annoyed me, even more so when the same day I went to the bins only to find a polite “thank you” written on the lid, heading a list of items that are fine to throw in. Friendly bins and threatening letters about media-intake, so far friendlyness prevails.

2014-08-06 17.10.47

5 thoughts on “different tone

    1. objection granted. BUT compare that to the ten nationwide BBC radiostations and the 13 or more BBC TV-stations, which are all commercial free…

      1. After a quick research I withdrwaw my objection in deep respect for the british broadcasting cooperation.

        On top of that the BBC helped giving birth to Monty Python. ORF can’t match all this…:'(:'(:'(

  1. don’t diss Tohuwabohu, Mundl or Mitten im 8ten! (sorry). But yeah, I agree.

    BUT the other day I had to double check, concluding in annoyed confudion, when in BBCs “news at 10” the main story was that an appartment belonging to a celebrity was searched, due to allegations of an indecent relationship; for minutes on end with live on site reporters and all. When at the same time there’s at least 10 (or let’s say 1000s) of stories to report on that are more in public interest. I don’t watch much TV but there’s been critique about the BBC picking up from tabloids far too much when it comes to agenda setting. I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

    1. Comparing Tohuwabohu with Monty Python is like comparing the Beatles with theStoakogler Trio, C’mon!

      But speaking of the Boulevardzation (original “Boulevardisierung” by Armin Thurnher) of the media, why not turn this blog into an online portal for investigative journalism? Seriously, maybe by means of crowd funding, worked for Krautreporter, maybe you’ve heard of it.

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