broken line

It’s very plausible that from a scottish perspective, the network coverage here for mobile signals is a strong argument for independence.

Whereas for the past decade I was getting annoyed with companies like “chello” or “A1”, this has recently transformed into cold sweat and agony powered by BT and EE.

Why telecom providers never seem to be able to set up a good network plus a working customer care system is not a mystery, but exasperating. Of course it’s about not spending more money than barely necessary, outsourcing and returns in value¬† eg. But being left with no mobile reception at all inside the house (apart from two spots with bad reception), and recently no internet connection, when at the same time paying a lot for the service is a disgrace.

fields of gold

On the badly distributed network being¬† due to Scotland’s union with Great Britain: When the 3G telecom licences were auctioned off in 2010 the British government earned more than 22 billion (of an estimated 5 bn) to pay off some debt. One of the core requirements for the bidders was to guarantee a certain high level of network coverage, not for the territory, but for the majority of the population in that territory (the UK).

Put this in line with the fact that more than 80% of the UKs population lives south of Edinburgh and you understand why especially the Highlands and Islands are left out (with us in the middle).


Then again”forced offline-time” can lead to well hidden sweetspots now and again, luckyly.



One thought on “broken line

  1. If your online access is so bad, how do you fill this blog???
    Better broadband however seems a good argument for indepence.
    What about this slogan:
    ” Fast, realtime porn in an independent Scotland!”

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