wee sheep

Today was T’s first day in nursery, she was up and dressed in the (very) early hours of the day, full of excitement, ready to explore. My mum once told me that when I started going to kindergarten, I would wake her up as soon as five in the morning, demanding breakfast, ready to go. She also said this instantly changed by 180° and it became next to impossible to get me out of bed as soon as school started.

I remember being very much opposed to the idea and the custom of school-uniforms when I first heard about it aged 14 or 15. As a teenager the concept of uniformity appaled me and I would seek individualism on all possible levels. Actually this has not changed much, but I can see some pros of school-uniforms. Kids are targeted, not to say bombarded, with advertisments for food, toys, clothes and shoes pretty much around the clock. The fact that at least in school all of them have a similar appearance and there are no arguments over who sports latest fashion is a good thing.

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