28 days

Four weeks from today will be the day after the referendum on scottish independence. Lately supporters of either side have made a big effort in occupying every possible space with “Yes!” and “No thanks!” visuals, while the postman is busy flooding our mailbox with leaflets on the matter.

Neuer Ordner
Meanwhile the frontpages of daily papers and the headlines of the evening news are busy reporting on the developments in “celebrity big brother”, who had a sex-change operation and who faces allegations of indecency. Of course the wars in the middle east, Russia’s role in the Ukraine conflict and potential threats to the US and the UK due to their involvement in geopolitical matter are given some attention too.

It currently seems mainstream media are doing their best to avoid reporting on the referendum, with a tendency to take the side of the “better together” (No) campaign.

Salmond and Darling are up for their second face-off monday evening, this time aired by the BBC. This will surely kick off a more vivid debate among the public and I guess the discourse will heat up noticibly in the final week or so before the boxes are ticked, enthralling days ahead.

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