on deck

It happened again – nothing but constant sunshine out of an immaculate blue sky, for the second day straight in a row.


When this happened before, about three weeks ago, I was not prepared for it: people were loosing it, happy as Larry, some with shirts off on highstreet, all with almost disbelieving appreciation, including of course ourselves. Since then the wee paddling pool has not been used much but as a garden-toy container, but there were nice warm days too.

boat 1Yesterday we went on a three hour boat trip on Loch Ness, from past Inverness’ Ness islands to Urquhart castle. The boat fitted around fourty people, freely moving in and out from deck to deck.

Owned to one year old A’s devotion to climbing on steps, it was me and her down and up the stairs for a good hour of the trip. With that much exercise I was glad of the fact that nowadays I carry around drinks, fruit and snacks anywhere we go, when all the bar had to offer food-wise was one (1) cheese and onion sandwich; the exact two things T, who is constantly hungry, refuses to ever, ever, ever eat.

The afternoon on the boat was great though, as were the many hours of sunshine and outdoor play afterwards. And anyway,  if anything bad weather is just a lame excuse, as I’ve been told by T. countless times: “But really, it’s only water!”, and out we are again, jumping in muddy puddles.

2014-08-027 2014-08-26 051 2014-08-26 042 2014-08-030

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