unicorn law

Time to strike a blow for the bad reputation of scottish weather (it’s wetness in particular). When, to be honest, I would not mind a few degrees more at times, but in general it is has not been bad at all. It’s raining frequently, but mostly not more than a wee drizzle and the open waters nearby, plus  the wind (oh, the wind) take good care of moving clouds pretty fast.

Disregarding the fact that misty, cloudy weather does suit (and nurture) the landscape beautifully, there have been few days without sunshine until now. Being quite far north, northern than Moscow, makes evenings long and bright, with nightfall close to midnight in summer. Due to the relative flatness of the surrounding area, the sun will often cast deep orange and later red light before it sets past the Black Isle.

I have not had a full winter here yet, it will be different when it’s bitterly cold outside, meaning my fine collection of long johns and wooly hats will come in handy. There will be days when leaving the house is anything but tempting, but to man up will certainly be no harm.

Not that long ago I was camping for 5 days with friends far up north in the Highlands, hiking and canoeing from loch to loch. The weather was dreadful most times (which was good in the way that only heavy rain –  an almost constant compainion – could keep the otherwise persistantly attacking clouds of midges off). Those were some of the physically most exhausting days I had ever had. Loking back, after having had a good break, I would do it again any time.

I will add though, that under the soaked rainclothes and wellies I was warm and dry at all times, hinting that dressing properly is a key to comfort…

And I may one day revise everything I say above and claim the opposite, for it is the weather and oh so changeable. Until then I’ll just assume unicorns need lots of rain, them  being the national animal, they must be granted their law.

2014-08-27 001
Strangely enough not “unicorn-” but “falcon square”, Inverness.

2014-08-27 002

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