september nineteenth

On reading how Richard Murdoch was quoted yesterday that there would soon be a new poll published on scottish independence, and that it would send shockwaves to Westminster, one could all but sense the incontained triumph of the aged media tycoon for getting back to Cameron and Co. after the “News of the World” scandal.

tabsIt must be an extraordinary time to work in media here right now. Over the years when I was working for TV, or other media outlets, the one thing that always delivered the biggest thrill and would drive everyone’s performance to peak, was live broadcasting. Here there’s been a lot of that recently and there will be much more. I’d even work for free just to be around that special atmosphere on september 19th, however the outcome.

Contrary to above mentioned poll, which announced a 2% lead by the YES campaign on the news at 10, followed by the announcement that there would very soon be a detailed plan on the further process of devolution by the UK government, I still guess a lean “no” vote to be more likely. Bearing the might of tabloids and their bias to support the union in mind, “Better together” have over a week for more stick and carrot. And I’m certain that the amplitude of their campaigning will escalate in the days to come.

If anybody is wondering at this point – yes, this blog will become less single-issued, once the next couple of weeks are over, promise.


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