three letters

After giving it much thought I’ve come to the conclusion that pretty much everything has already been said on the matter elsewhere. So I’ll be very brief. That three-letter-word specifies a cornerstone of this here civilisation in many ways.  Life without it is plainly unthinkable.

2014-09-11 003
our mug-tree, harvested in the ever so likely event of tea.

The only time in my life when I had similar amounts of tea was when I traveled Morocco for a good month, five years ago.

Whereas over there, on any given occasion, it was fresh mint leaves in hot water with crazy amounts of sugar (and I mean crazy as in at least six spoons per egg-cup-sized glas), here it will always be black tea with a dash of milk.

No matter what the time, location or social circumstances – “cuppa tea?” will  be turned down in less than 1 out of 1000 cases and frankly, I endorse it (no sugar pls).

The other big matter, where a three-letter word spearheads the campaign against that of a two-letter-word, will be decided on in a week today. As expected, many of both sides’ proponents, public and private, are stepping up efforts big time now, proding or at least tolerating the noise and agitation that comes with it. With the race being declared extremely tight last weekend with ten days to go, it did not take long for conspiracy-theories to take the stage too. To me claims that the outcome will be rigged anyway are not only highly implausible, but basically too nihilistic to consider.

After the events earlier this week (love-bombing paired with threats of economic devastation) the gap in the poll has widened again, indicating a more than moderate 6% lead for “Better together”. And I will be surprised if the remaining 10 or so percent of undecided voters don’t give in to the ultimate roar of most national and international media, with risks and fears being given considerably more space and volume than the opposite.

What’s really impressive is,  that apparently 97% of people have registered to vote. If the turnout is anywhere near the predicted 80%, it will be ground-breaking (the last general elections saw just over 50,4% casting their ballot).

But for all that, dealing with the fact that probably a good two-million people will be somewhere between disappointed and majorly fed up on september 19th is a very real challenge, dawning ahead.

2014-09-10 15.25.45

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