labour beans

Today during lunch the news were on the radio, which lead to wee T demanding to know, where the “Leberkäse Party” is, assuring me that she wants some too, now. Growing up bilingual has it’s challenges, obviously, and here the labour party got misplaced tragically.

“If I put my feet in the pond the ducks will maybe bite my toes, no, I don’t think they would, they would lick my feet. …Do ducks have tongues?” (monologue T in the park)

Confusion at the dinner table is triggered likewise when fish is on the plate. “Sind da eh keine Bohnen?” is a regularly raised concern (“Are you sure there are no beans?”). German for fishbones is “Gräten”, just assuming “bones” does not just sound similar to “Bohnen” (beans), but also signifies the same, is comprehensible. It took many occasions, until “Knochen” (german for bones) was finally introduced to the vocabulary. Until then I was guilty of a chuckle now and then, when for example she would come over, saying “Papa, meine Bohnen tun weh! (attempted literal translation of “my bones hurt” ending up in “my beans hurt”).”



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