little boxes

With only five days to go in the build-up to the referendum, it’s hard not to make use of the vastly gritted material. So here’s a house with a story to tell.

Walking from and to our home I pass this house almost every day. A good month ago they put a sticker on a window, a week later the door and another window were covered too. Another window, the last one on the front side, and just to be sure another one in reverse colours. Now, I don’t think that followed a previously planned pattern and timeframe, but things plainly got a bit out of hand.

The same paradigm of course applies to people. There’s this guy I often see on the bus. Six weeks ago he started wearing a “yes” pin on his jacket. Soon after he started carrying his necessities in a shoulder-bag with the same slogan and lately more and more items kept adding to the collection until earlier today, where I’m pretty sure I saw him out on the street in full gear, waving a saltire flag.

To cut it short, and without meaning to condemn above matter in particular – as to the “why” and “how” the most brilliant of words are to be found in this book.

On to another house, this one in the very centre of Inverness. Here I have not been able to witness things escalating over time, but only caught sight of the discrepancy today (a”NO” top-central is blocked by the blowing Union Jack) . I don’t know if it is landlord versusĀ  tenants, or hirers on different floors batteling it out. Surely one triumph or the other will prevail in less than a week time.

But not least to this nearby scenery, a favourite of mine. On quoting the book “The joy of sheds – because a man’s place isn’t in the home”, which I plugged earlier:

“Sheds are good for relationships, it’s official. Whilst over a third of men feel a shed improves their relationship, their partners also agree – 20% of women see a shed as a positive influence on their man.”




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