umbilical card

When our first daughter was on her way, we had no idea whether it would be a boy or a girl. Upon arrival she had been resting on her mummy’s chest for a few minutes, before the midwife suggested, that actually, we could find out now.

2014-09-14 001

For a number of reasons I cannot compare this suspense to the upcoming decision in Scotland, for at least one reason I can and will. One way or another – the main thing is that what enters the world stage, is hopefully well and healthy, happy to receive all the care and attention it needs. And apart from the changes to life that becoming a parent brings, I cannot imagine many things more exciting, than a nation deciding on its fate.

With the big clean-up surely to start within the fortnight, most visual signs of support for either side will disappear from the street picture again. The sight of the many “yes” and “no” adverts became sort of customary quickly, the landscape will probably look a bit naked when they’re gone first. Which is not a bad thing.

2014-09-14 020

One thing mentioned occasionally now, and I do hope it’ll be true, is that the past months of intense debating will not just fade out within weeks, but become a permanent political asset. Whether this is within a nation of five- or sixtyfive million people, only a participant democracy on all levels of society will lead to a trustworthy regime.

By the way, the same goes for most parts of being a parent too.

2014-09-14 004

2 thoughts on “umbilical card

  1. O.k. this guy maybe is a reason to separate from England:

    However…there are also cool kids on the No-Side as Mr. Billy Connolly:

    And to be honest I agree with his statement about patriotism. If the Scottish want to separate then its their democratic right, but I don’t like this nationalisms popping up all over Europe (see Swedish elections) and as an Austrian I am stigmatized by nationalism.

    Do we really need growing nationalism in a confluent Europe, where we more and more have to rely on each other to stand against the malignancies of the financial market and neighbors like Putin?

    1. How UKIP thought they would help the cause of “no thanks” is a mystery to me, one that I chose not to try and solve. To some yes-voters it may be about some idea of nationalism, I fully agree with you that we’re in a time where this should be overcome.

      But it’s also about whether Scotland should continue to be run by a government that plainly cannot be the best representation of scottish interests, because Scots only make up 8% of the UKs population. The whole matter is extremely complex, if you really want to dig into it this is a good read

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