too close

The amount of information on the referendum is vast, with properly reproducible facts  well hidden. With next to no sand left to go through the hourglass, time has slowed down, inducing groundhog-day-experiences more than anything else.

Apart from the odd last minute promises, followed by ultra last-minute counter-revelations, media coverage has pretty much retired to reporting on a meta-level of sentiments, resentiments and mere speculating. This is true for publications that should not be allowed to call themselves a stronghold of journalism, but also beyond.

I was also quite amazed how objective reporting was thrown overboard gradually, with even quality papers (amongst them the “Guardian”) choosing sides in editorials. Then again one might argue, that at least there’s transparency towards the audience.

Some pieces on the BBC (especially by Allan Little, Brian Taylor, Lorna Gordon) were, to my understanding, fine examples of well balanced journalism. In spite of this, the Yes-side’s complaints that the BBC has been biased against them, and has proven so in some of its coverage, may have been legitimate too. But Salmond, backing some protesters in demanding a senior political editor must get fired, did not make the best choice for a pressure-relief valve.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s tantalising times (even if a bit chewy lately). In recent days surveys were published (with samples between 700 and 1000 people) that indicated a 49% to 51% tie for “no”, other results showed the “Yes” campaign 8% ahead, whereas a third poll suggested a 8% lead for “Better together”. Polling institutes have issued that the outcome of Thursday’s referendum might turn into their own “Waterloo”: The expected record number of people casting their vote, plus the lack of comparable past voter-behaviour could prove the published “knife edge division” to be completely wrong.

60 hours from now there will, hopefully, be a significant majority, followed by a few days of coming to terms, before everybody can get on with their life again. I’ll miss the suspense, but by now I’m looking forward to it being done and dusted more, whatever the outcome.


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