switch point

This is it. This time tomorrow the majority of votes will have been cast and another 12 hours on there will be a result.

2014-09-17 09.55.11
As mentioned yesterday, in a way I feel depleted just from trying to take in as much information as possible. Hard to imagine, how worn out people on both sides of the campaign must feel, who were in it full force for months on end. I’m sure they’re looking forward to some time off almost as much as to the yearned for victory.

I was already feeling exhausted after reassuring my mum that things will be OK on the phone earlier. She had read (in the most dreadful of Austria’s tabloids) an article (written by the country’s most notorious gun-runner) claiming that in the case of a Yes vote, Scotland will be exactly like (our image of) Romania within two weeks.

Coincidentally the four of us will be travelling south on friday morning (passing the town of Auchtermuchty on the way – what an awesome sounding placename!) to spend a few days with friends. Media intake will thus be very limited, instead I’ll look out of train windows and onto the wee munchkins, taking care for some variety on this blog in the weeks to come. But first – to the polling booth!


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