achievement unlocked

As of yesterday all four of the Bergmann family are well able to walk upright on two leg(gie)s, on a good day. After months of elaborate bum-shuffling, crawling with increasing speed and determination, and lately walking whilst holding on to our hands, baby A.* chose the breakfast area of a beautiful Hotel in Ceres, Fife, to make her first proper steps.

2014-09-19 078

The wee face was glowing with a sort of surprised happiness and pride, but also displayed slight confusion over how, HOW!? is this suddenly happening. She was not so chuffed when, on the very same day, she discovered the physical principle known as Newton’s third law – repercussion: One big sneeze was enough to completely mess up the still frail and wobbly balance and she was catapulted straight back to sitting on her bum, puzzled.

Slight inconveniences like that sure won’t hamper exploring the newly gained freedom. And I quietly curse evolution for not providing parents with an extra pair of eyes.

2014-09-22 001
*hereby promoted to toddler A.

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