cute bitch

When our neighbour mentioned a few weeks ago that he’d soon bring his bitches in, I was at first a bit concerned about possible inconveniences caused. We were introduced to Rosie yesterday and I must say, she’s a very cute wee thing. No barking at all, tail wagging and excited jumping is the worst she can do, it seems.

Two more dogs will follow, he is planning to train them to come along when he goes hunting. Last week he said he had shot 43 pigeons over two days, a farmer asked him to do so, as the birds were threatening the crops on his field. I refused the offer of a ready-to-cook bird after our conversation, dinner was already in the making and we don’t have a freezer, maybe next time.

He’s a pleasant and friendly, much to himself guy in his early fifties and lives on his own. When he’s home, music blasts through the open windows, luckily mostly hits from the 60s and 70s. When he introdunced himself, he said that he worked in a slaughterhouse and spent most of his free time hunting. My first though was “gosh, that is a lot of killing”, my second one “after the depressing daily routine at work, seeing animals in the wild (and sometimes taking one down) may help stabilize sheer sanity.”

Not being a vegetarian I have to reason to frown upon or think little of the job of killing and processing animals. If doing it myself was the only means to have meat on the plate, we would mainly be vetetarian though for sure. So for now, thanks P. and your bitches for sausage, schnitzel, gulasch and the likes.

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