dropped determination

As mentioned recently, big T has interensting approaches to resolve dilemma. So without further ado, here’s a “goodnight story” that she told me the other evening (the original german version is below).

“A long long time ago, there was a huuuuge moster, papa, before you were even born. And there were lots of little mice, running around. And the monster wanted to catch the mice. But it could not. So it went to see its parents and said “I can not catch the mice!” And they said “Well, then don’t.” So the monster left, saying “hey, Hänsel, what are you doing?”

The end may have come a bit abrupt and diffuse the storyline, nonetheless – brilliant. “Hänsel” is a character in a classic German fairy tale (Hänsel und Gretel) and she often exploits this character in role play.

“Es war einmal vor langer langer Zeit, ein riiiesengroßes Monster, Papa, bevor Du geboren warst. Und da waren viele kleine Mäusen, die herumgelaufen sind. Und das Monster wollte den Mäusen fangen. Aber er konnte nicht. Also ging er zu seinen Eltern und sagte “Ich kann die Mäuse nicht fangen!” Und die anderen sagten “Dann fang sie halt nicht”.
Da ging das Monster und sagte “He Hänsel, was machst Du?”

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