half moon

On the way home from the park the moon was already out and the sun about to set. “Why is the moon not round, but looks like an egg?” asked our four year old. I explained that with the sun going down behind us and the moon in front of us, the earth is between moon and sun just now and casts a shadow, hence the egg shape.

“Do you mean the earth in space or this earth?” she asked, stomping on the grass. “Same thing”, I said. “What you stand on is the earth, the big ball in space.” The “No!” she prompted sounded semi-certain, followed by “What?!” I can’t say if she really got the concept at that moment, but the glow in her wide open eyes and the big, baffled smile, leads me to thinking yes, at least a glimpse at it. Next thing she proposed a visit to the moon in a rocket, but I insisted “dinner first!” and off we were.

Later at home a satsuma, plasticine and a marshmallow had to act out the wobbly space dance, only earth’s embodiment was not eaten up.

PS: If you are up for a mind-boggling visual journey trough space – look up “Laniakea” or click here (spoiler alert: space is incredibly big and beautiful).

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