david newton

There are many ways in which change occurs and how we face it. Newton’s first law of motion says that “an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force.” This of course is true beyond the physical world.

Commonly, the energy needed to make a change is triggered by being fed up. Refer to the discontent that lead to the recent referendum on independence in Scotland. Even though the change anticipated by those fed up with the Union did not happen a lot of energy was set free and redistributed for present and future stake. Also, more obviously, refer to personal change in attitude and behaviour.

Once upon a time (not very long ago) in our house, I was called to the scene of emergency whenever a certain arthropod emerged. Which happenes quite a lot, really. Showing off all bravery, using nothing but bare hands, maybe a plastic cup and some cardboard, I contained the creepy crawlies and deported them outside (from where they immediately repeated their intrusion). Not only am I not always in the house whenever a spider is present, but the family member in question in fact go so fed up with her scared reaction towards them, that she decided this has to change.

To cut it short, it took less than a week, spider-displacements would only be done by her in that time (with no one being allowed nearby) until the previously imposed threat was reversed: Once safely hidden arachnids are now being stalked during all hours of the day to be picked up, looked at, and pleasantly put outside. Tiny as the physical presence of that particular matter was, it’s implications to everyday life were unnerving and it took something to get that out of the way. And even though I may have lost a constituent chore, it’s better that way.

Change is always, always about overcoming the fear of discomfort. Whether it is giving up something, or starting something new. Whether it is just changing a brand of product you’re used to, or turning your life around in a more fundamental way.
David Bowie tells us to “turn and face the strain” and goes own singing
Pretty soon you’re gonna get a little older
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time

Think of what mankind has gone through in history, think of what people are facing and coping with right now, think back how good it felt when you finally achieved a long anticipated change. It puts that fear you will overcome in perspective.

Stop making excuses. Start in small steps, repeat. It’s worth it.

I always feel uncomfortably patronising when giving advice (especially unasked for), so if you’re after a good read on how to change or establish a habit I recommend this blog. And if you feel like it, leave a comment and make this blog less of a one way street.

One thought on “david newton

  1. Interesting since I have the same job in my household…
    Would be a challenge to outsource this to another member however I shamefully have to admit that normally I don’t pleasently put them outside….

    It’ more like Metallica’s first album…

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