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I can only remember two occasions which were as exciting as what’s going on at this very moment some 500 000 000 kilometers away in space. And whereas I made absolutely no contribution to Philaes attempted touch down on the Comet referred to as “67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko”, in some ways it comes close to witnessing my daughters births (where I was of course present and, well, closely involved in the making).

People and our predecessors probably looked up at the nightsky right from day/night one and were puzzled and amazed by what the saw. 400 years ago Danish nobleman Tycho Brahe stupidly lost part of his nose, but found certain systematics in the appearance of comets. I find it absolutely mind boggling that a bunch of men and women constructed an object, shot it into space and steered it to meet a comet, land on it and send data and images back to earth for all of us to witness.

Yes there is a huge lot of mess to clean up here on the very surface of our planet, but being aware that we’re a species that can do THIS, surely should have the power to unite all of us, proving we can tackle pretty much everything.

To tune into the livestream go here.

50sec after departing from Rosetta, Philae took a picture of it’s carrier and companion for the past 10 years, this image (it’s data) travelled more than 500 million km in 28min.

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