flow wolf

Half a year has passed quickly, and things have notably fallen into one place or another. Early 2015 will see us move house yet again, this time not towing all belongings halfway across Europe, but rather just a few miles up the Cromarty Firth.

A lesson I have recently learned is that it is not advisable to leave a full cup of lukewarm tea unattended, when there are a) a laptop and b) a prowling toddler nearby. The outcome of that encounter (when I re-enterd the room after 1min cute little A looked at me with big, innocent eyes, while slowly emtying the mug over the keyboard) and a cracked phone screen (I take full credit for it slipping out of my hand) mean good pre-christmas business for the repair shop at least.

Upon entering named shop the young man in charge behind the counter was on the phone, saying “Yeah, Mr. White, I know, I’m sorry Mr. White it did not arrive yet. I’ll call you back, there’s a customer in, yeah, bye.” I claimed “Now, you got me impressed with your clientel already!” He got the joke, which is always a good thing.

2014-11-29 019
‘t was on a foggy day on castle hill in Inbhir Nis…

I definitely lost the flow of updating this blog for a while, but at the same time was stepping up my efforts to pace through the wintery fields and woods. Only two more days to the Inverness Santa Run, on this occasion – a big DANKE! for contributing to the fundraiser, you guys know who you are (and in fact so do I), so thanks.

2014-12-01 10.59.06
flock of birds supercluster

More on that “Fun Run”, the alleged dawning end of the human race and the greek god of nature, the wild, shepherds, flocks and goats in the very near future.

2014-11-09 002
this was once a single seed. added was plenty good soil, sunlight, water and some time.


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