snot fair

Apart from one final salute tomorrow, celebrating (as everything else) is done for this year. We have passed around a mean cold between the four of us recently and got ill one after the other. This “pass the parcel” started just before Christmas and is in it’s hopefully last round.

The (articulate) little patient persistantely keeps ordering “camel tea”, for “camomile tea” is too much of a hassle to pronounce. She must be gettin better though, as she told us this morning “If you don’t do what I say, I’m going to move out!”. I don’t recall giving in or what exactly it was about, but so far she is still with us, sleeping tight, which is good.

as if coughs and runny noses never existed – the stocking was checked at 6am and yes, Santa had been good. The beautiful Christmas-megastocking is by this lovely company.

Going back to work in a few weeks makes this time now the last fading bit of what I plan to treat as a holiday (that is, if it was not for moving house once again in the forseeable future). There’s a lot to get up and running on the road in 2015, which must be one of the reasons why I helped some money materialize into a car.

As I am writing this, the first half day back on wheels was mastered without causing any chaos, damage, or upset. Or at least not that I had noticed.

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