nuf sad

The world as we know it never saw a shortage of neither stupidity nor cruelty. We live in a time with rampant injustice and suffering going on, a war is fought for our attention.

The pattern won’t wear off any time soon and will of course produce no resolution whatsoever. Justified outrage will get amplified, then distorted in bold headlines, pushing to throw all restraint overboard, while claiming to spearhead against the chosen Feindbild.


Satire may not be among the first things that come to mind considering democratic achievements. But as with all forms of humor, expression, art and review it is at the very heart of civil society. It needs to completely ignore any taboo, it needs to ridicule, it it needs no consent and it needs no patronising support. I’m not even sure if it needs protection as such, because I am certain it can never be silenced for good.

Stéphane Charbonnier


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