at home

“Look, it’s a dress now!” said the  4 1/2 year old, wrapping a slice of Brunswick ham round the index finger, whilst singing “Let it go!”, envisioning Elsa or Anna dancing in her beautiful Wurstkleid. During the first look at her new nursery this morning T initially played shy, hiding behind us. Soon a girl with freckles and curly hair, who had been watching with curiosity came closer. The two of them were told their vis-á-vis name and merrily walked off hand in hand, looking at stuff together. Here’s to hoping that later this week my first day at work will go half as amiable and smoothly.IMG_4499Between last Friday and today we have moved house. In fact, everything from inside the old place was packed up and brought to the new one, the respective houses did not move a bit. Anyway, had I known about the joys of dismantling it in freezing winter, I may not have bothered custom builing a sandpit last summer. I also would have worked harder on making a waterproof roof, thus having avoided carring 200kg of mostly wet sand around the North of Scotland in plastic bags. IMG_4540 Where we live now somehow feels a lot more like home already than the old place did after half a year. The surroundings are stunning, the house is solid and warm, with still undiscovered features and so far no flaws. The core of the house is some sixty years old and has a large extension around the ground floor, which sits on a big piece of land. In the back garden you can hear the wind in the trees behind the field, the front of the house looks down the Cromarty Firth. Less than a year ago we were sitting in Hallein, deciding to move. Today I veritably like the shape that things have taken. IMG_4543 IMG_4552 IMG_4555


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