flat out

The build up to the solar eclipse had included Northern Lights where they rarely occur, a comet photographed above Loch Ness and the prospect of the spring equinox and a new moon coinciding on that same day.  To tipp it off we were going to on one of the most beautiful beaches I know. Were going.


Being aware that the chances of a clear sky around 9.30 on the Isle of Harris that morning were not near 100%, I didn’t get my hopes up high. But Thursday started off a great day and after a three hour scenic drive to the Isle of Skye we queued in line to get onto the ferry, seen above.

We were in at the port in Uig in very good time and sat in the car for a good half hour listening to music. Turned out, the car battery did not like that.  We watched as all other cars drove onto the ferry, frantically trying to kickstart the engine. The boat waited for us for almost fifteen minutes, people were very nice and helpful immediately, still we could not make it. Seeing the ship leave, having been so close (after having been in the car half the day, two adults, two kids and a puppy in a catbox) was a bit of a downer.

Cups of tea and coffe and peoples’ hospitality brightened things up again, so here we go to an unplanned vacation in Uig. A man from the village took the car battery home and charged it overnight, while the five of us drew our home for the night.

We got the special caravan in the nearby trailer park, thanks to Luna. They were not fine with dogs around, but would be merciful enough to let us take shelter in the oldest one. The beds were horrible and I was kept awake by a constant beeping sound from outside, but other than that all was well. The pub by the pier fed us very nice Steak pie, afterwards my tastebuds were reunited with the notes of a 16 year old Scapa.

Apart from the first few minutes of the moon’s shadow doing his super-slow packman bite of the sun, the sky on Skye was too cloudy to see anything.


When it got to the darkest phase we stopped the car in a field somewhere and gazed. While I enjoyed a fantastic full breakfast in Portree, as I found out later that day, Danny MacAskill was doing his usual epic bike stuff just a couple of miles away.

We were home by afternoon, not as planned but by the looks of it with plenty sunshine for the weekend ahead. A side effect of the flat battery is that now the radio asks for a code to do anything at all, which means this will have to do for now.

2015-03-21 15.50.15

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