orbit alba

It’s one year today since I set foot on Scottish soil with the intention to stay. Recently I surprised myself, thinking that I am no more of a stranger here than where I had lived before. After rethinking that particular thought several times, it ended up being classified widely accurate, by no means consoling, rather uplifting.

Last week the ordeal with our former landlord finally came to an end and the dispute over the deposit was decided in our favor. After months of nerve-wracking conversations with letting agents, the landlord, the judiciary, countless E-mails and bold shenanigans I’m very chuffed that the efforts have paid off. Justice has been done, prost.
In unrelated news,  I’m sure I’ve never in my life seen as many rainbows as in the past months. Late spring is in full force, with fields and forest bursting into color.

The wee ones are growing in size, attitude and wit, this includes Luna, the dog (as long as she refrains from chewing her tail, eg). Frau Bergmann has been busy turning her hobby into a business, while Herr Bergmann devotes rare free time to miniature-scale agriculture and running relatively long distances at ridiculously early hours of the day. More on those compelling activities in a future post, for now: happy anniversary bergmannsgohighlands!

5 thoughts on “orbit alba

  1. nearly a year for me too Kurt 🙂 Flown by! I’ve got a real hankering for some highland paddling, even with those wee midgee beasties! Hope you have a great summer – yer in a fine place for it.

    1. cheers Mark. Some fine paddling, including ocassionally dragging it uphill through knee-deep bog does, half-absurdely sound immensly tempting. I consider midgee ditching and paying a visit to svergie in some years time, get the map ready

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