speak up

With her second birthday two months away, A’s attempts at talking came in big leaps lately. It’s great seeing how she enjoys some of the side effects of naming things and conversing. A surprised and cheerful laugh for example, after producing “naughty Papa!” with a cheeky grin, or the audible pride in the epic “my cup. up there.”, as declared earlier today, whilest getting bathed.

Permitted she is – what so far seems to be her natural state – in a good mood, it’s “nite nite” to everything along the way to bed, no exception made. From the harmless “nite nite Luna”, to the ever so irritating “nite nite toilet”, a sweet “nite nite toes” and so on, and so forth.

She has picked up german words too and maybe starts to notice that things have two references with a different sound and pattern. Her first german words were those for dad, car and, for whatever reason, shit. Did she enjoy the results from combining those first three words (in above order) again and again? You guess.

A fun activity, especially when outdoors, is to suddenly stop and say “noise?”. Usually I’m confident in quickly replying “car”, or “bird”, or “train”. But with a few handfulls of words, paired with the will of a lion, an argument can break loose at any time, out of the sheer blue sky:

“Hm, ich weiss nicht, ein Bus vielleicht?”
“Ein Auto?”
Egal, oder”
“No! Plane.”
“Nein, das war kein Flugzeug”

“OK, Flugzeug, gemma zum Spielplatz?”
“Ja, Schplaaats!!”

“I don’t know, a bus maybe?”
“A car?”
“Doesn’t matter”
“No! Plane.”
“No, I’m sure that wasn’t a plane.”
“No, ..”
“OK, good. Plane. Should we go to the playpark?”
“Yeiii, playpawk!”

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