refugees welcome

The log post got postponed. I need to get this off my chest now.

It should not have come as a surprise that globalisation not only implies free travel of money and business, but people too. And their lives. And human rights. What happens in this context on the EU borders is a tragedy beyond imagination.Those people need a place to be, now. To stay, rest and lay out their future. In peace.

I’m sick having to see bodies, robbed of their lives, names,and future. Literally, to the point where I cannot eat but just want to scream. It makes me furiously angry and sad beyond words to witness what is being broadcasted. The institutionalised failure in dealing with this crisis comes on top of that.

drafted, naive. I’ll stand by it.

Of course there is another side to it. Like when Iceland’s government had decided on taking a quota of 50 (fifty) Syrian refugees, next the public brought the decision down and the number up, to 10.000. Time shall tell a rich tale of what will happen. People in and around Vienna, Salzburg and across southern Germany showed the best in humanity earlier this week. And everywhere from Greece to Calais there are private people and NGOs delivering aid and some relief. But it can’t be left to decent people with limited and soon exhausted resources.

I don’t know what to do, but everyone can see that the policies made behind cushioned doors and executed with force are definitely not the way. Is it the pretext for a military escalation? War can never be the answer, but can armed madness stop without armed intervention? That’s a different matter altogether, but it’s at the root of at least this migration, the latest of many, not the last.

earlier today, downtown Inversneckie
Recent history has a few examples where “the story” ended well mainly because of its public exposure, paired with widespread public support. Whoever has the Definitionsmacht (the power to define the plot) wins, simple as that.

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