nessie ten

One set goal for the year is passing the 100 post mark on this blog (thus the recent pick up, *chortle-chortle*), but that’s still a while to go. Another was the Harris Half Marathon a couple of months ago.

With how this first proper competitive run turned out and noticing that the at times hard going training works, ambition (levity?) grew. It’s one more week to go to the Loch Ness 10k Corporate Challenge.


I’m looking forward to it, as well as it being over and done with. I know I can do it in 45min, whether or not sub-40 is within reach the day will tell (before lunchtime, luckily).


To my honest surprise I discovered this week what I had not thought possible, that I’d run 1.000km between 13th April and now. The stretch was occasionally interrupted by a rest, eating, working, engaging in all sorts of more or less mondane aspects of life, nonetheless.


Heading off to just keep running, at times fast, for a good while without having to rest feels good. Progress in terms of pace is only thanks to sticking with demanding schedules; while I’m the one running I know for a fact that without the strucutred, sustained support from my friend cp I would not be anywhere near here, ein Danke nach Deutschland.


PS: If you’re troubled that wood was nowhere mentioned in the above – stay put, another logpost might be just around the glade.

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