samhuinn spectre


Explosions in Mexico City on “dia de los muertos” and more of the same plus a plane smashing through a barn, close to my childhood home, both on “Helloween” and right in front of my eyes was, admittedly, only the case thanks to seeing “Spectre” in the cinema on that day.

I was in Edinburgh with friends over the weekend. Nine of us, all but one Austrian, stayed in two appartments across the street from one another. We’ve known each other for fifteen years and more and so far have managed to meet up at least once a year for a few days.

Going to the movies was not part of the plan. What plan? Exactly. Seeing it was Halloween on a Saturday night I had checked what was going on beforehand. Conveniently, because we stayed around the corner, something interesting was set to take place at Grassmarket.

Copyright Raini Scott for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved. /
Copyright Raini Scott for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved. /

The long stretched square was packed with passers-by, with small, colourful theatrical groups spread around loosely, doing their thing. Over the course of two hours, the spectacle built up with fire and drums and dances and chants.

In many ways a great performance, and without a doubt more challenging than the best of James Bond’s wild camera rides through the skull flooded streets of Mexico City.

neither Austrian snow, and lots of it, nor the Austrian, Herr Waltz persönlich save this one from being very far from the “best Bond” ever.

The train of coincidences*, obviously spun by Holywood and incuded in the price of our cinema tickets, ebbed away when the newspaper headlines announced on Sunday, that the government had backed down on some parts of an online surveillance act.

* This may well have been the name of the Scotrail train which, once again, approached the concept of the timetable as more of a nonchalant matter, when returning to the Highlands.

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