trajectory wtf

What kicked off the recent regime change in Romania supposedly started off  as a mourning of around 150 people, that snowballed to 20.000 in a matter of hours, the biggest protest in 25 years. With some recent legal changes regarding political organisation, it could be a watershed moment for the country.

Another thing that started off compareably small and keeps sending shockwaves to what was until a week ago thought to be be pretty solid theories. The fact that we, as a species, managed to land something resembling a dishwasher, but with even more complex science on bord, on an asteroid that is zooming through space, millions of miles away, is still pretty remarkable. It seems, mainstream conclusions have not been drawn yet and upset scientist are  disagreeing with each other and themselves. All that fuss because the water, or rather a molecular set and state of “our” water, has been detected on and around 67p has thrown questionmarks like ninja stars at everything up to the “big bang”.

Raumsonde Rosetta rotiert

Meanwhile the star our planet is orbiting has been caught ripping Mars’ atmosphere to pieces. Speaking of extremely high bursts of energy, the fusion reactor by the spooky name Wendelstein 7-X is ready to be switched on, finally. Set up in the 1950s as an energy machine imitating the sun, it took almost 20 years to build. As I understand some paperwork has to be handed in, before somewhere in Greifswald, Germany, some pretty intense particel bouncing can ultimately set off. Science FTW.

And to make use of one of FTW’s few palindromes – ‘WTF’ has righteously become even more presentable in apocalyptic chit-chat, as something by that name (WT1190F) is set to hit our spaceball at high velocity next week Friday, the 13th. It’ll go down as spacejunk in the ocean, bothering a fish or two I reckon.


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