prime dough

Now the yeast was in the fridge there was no turning back. Having made the decision “I’ll bake some bread” a couple of years ago I was closer then ever to doing so, obviously.

I won’t claim it was very sophisticated, but thanks to a friend’s easy to follow recipe it turned out pretty OK and was fun to make.

2015-11-22 10.20.50

The idea to make my own bread consequently and in line with my general tendency towards holistic endeavours quickly led to the plan of building a woodfire baking oven in the back garden. Although clearly a necessity, it might take another few moons to do, after all there’s a few other projects too.

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We’re lucky to have some good bakers and a decent selection of bread here, albeit no Tiroler Schwarzbrot. Coincidentally, and I dare bet that’s a first for our parish, these prime loaves were done by an old recipe from Mantova, South Tyrol.

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