jupiter moon

A friend recently wrote in regards to a podcast that Sam Harris was “his Jesus“. Replying  to that I said that the three people in a linked conversation were then “my Kali, Zeus and Holy Spirit”.

I’m not knowledgeable enough in theist matters to argue that case really, but will still happily claim, that the constellation of Žižek, Varoufakis and Assange isn’t far from divine.

There is not much discussion going on, instead razorsharp minds throw bolts and thunder at most of what is common sense on Europe and the world around and manage to interact in a way that surprisingly fits all three egos, leaving just enough room for breath before the next subversive punch. If two hours of compressed and at times contorted political philosophy is a bit much, that’s fine too.

PS: If in a hurry skip forward to 05:20 and watch from there.


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