red tarp

This one is both spontaneous and long overdue. 


Overdue because I took this picture, just across our street a few months back; I just came across it and thought, it’s time for a quiz: What hides below the red tarp, what’s the purpose of the trailer and why is it there?

Any guess in a comment is rewarded with a further clue, who ever gets it right gets mailed a fantastic, special personalised gift Iof sorts, promise.

9 thoughts on “red tarp

  1. forget about the bell, just a church; on wheels, available for service at nearby carparks and fields but for most of the time parked outside our street.

    1. A whole church would have been my second guess but I considered it to be too far fetched.
      Was there a clue in the lyrics of this scottish Hank Williams???

      How often do they use it and on what occasions? If it is just parked on your street, do you sneak in during the night, having some black mass and desecrating communion wafles?

      1. haha, Highland Hank is my neighbour, in the song he’s probably towing the church somewhere, as he does. The occasions usually include the day being a Sunday, with not much else needed. I once helped some guys put the tarp on before it rained (and during it continued to rain), it’s empty, just a shell for the lord and no, I did not engage in any service, it may or may not have crossed my mind, chortle chortle.

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