leap bound

It’s a pity what state the world is in. What dominates “the news”, its content and the way it is fed to us can never do justice to what shapes “our” time.

Looking at what I was taught about past cultures, ancient civilisations and the more recent, say past 500 years, two things stand out: conflicts, largely as defined by the dominating culture at the time, and scientific achievements. The later, I claim, have the stronger long term resonance.

It’s easy enough to guess which wars will be remembered in future times. That’s what is hammered into everybodys brains day in, day out, demanding attention, attempting to suffocate humanity as a whole. What about the fact that we live in a time of absolutely incredible milestones happening practically every other day? The Philae landing, the Higgs Boson proven by CERN, the Wendelstein fusion reactor and, if confirmed, the quantum computer D-Wave all mean immense progress to that same species that mutilates itself in the most cruel, barbaric and stupid way.


Is there hope? Of course not, but what really shapes evolution and what we can do is impressive, to say the least; and it’s always worth readjusting attention, taking another perspective and feeling part of that different here and now.

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