northern nights

Daylight for less than a third of the day has become the norm over the past weeks, with dawn breaking just after 8am and artificial lights going on early in the afternoon. Today’s winter solstice means here is to increasing hours of daylight at last, horray!

The short days, compared to bright light until 11pm in summers, take some blame for me cutting down on running at the moment. Ice, mud, and puddles in often freezing conditions are even less fun in darkness, headlamp or not. So a few more weeks of near hibernation before I serisouly need to step up the efforts in getting on the road again.

Darkness came with a bonus though. I was standing where I stand now when, a few weeks ago, I saw on social media that a friend was over the moon because an impressive show of northern lights was on display on the Isle of Harris. “Bugger” I thought and walked off to the garden, only to wonder what the green light was above the treetops on the hill.

taken on the day (source), very close to how it looked from our backgarden

It lasted maybe half an hour and was faint for most of the time. My photography skills were no match for the task, standing and excitedly watching was sufficient at the time. I don’t think I’ll never forget that spectacle, yet I hope there’s more of this to be seen around.


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