many returns

Here it is again, the time of year packed with one special birthday after the other, including, of course, Merry Christmas!


And Happy Birthday too to 70 years strong Lemmy and the man, born many years ago, who challenged and changed the world we live in, but also a very happy birthday to Luna (left in above newborn-puppy overload)!

Her jubilee was earlier this week, including the butcher’s finest bone (not literally though), Hooray to year 2 in the life of beautiful wee 96 out of 100 times incredibly well behaved, good natured runnig fanatic!

If I had to guess her mileage I’d reckon she’ll soon break the 1000 mark. Yet I’m still waiting for the day she stops pretending that the startled deer  (/anything larger than a rabbit) that we just almost run into simply does not exist.

Christmaspooch, warming up the royal bottom after a rainy field-run

Braving to share time and space with us, including occasional noise and/or the smell of bacon must be tough too; so at the end of the day, really,  good on her for putting up with all this.



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