happy hogmanay

Two years ago to this day we were here on a visit and spent new year’s eve with friends near Inverness. It was then and there that the decision to move here for good ignited. The bacon roll I had the next morning, while still lying in bed, was the proverbial cherry on top of an already pretty gorgeous cake. It must have done the trick.

24 months and many more bacon rolls later we have settled in well, I did not regret the move for a minute. This past year I’ve started a job I really like, big T is enjoying the first year of primary school, while her wee sister is coming on in leaps and bounds, exploring the world unfolding around her and chasing Luna and Fi, who has successfully set up her crafting business.

For whatever reason I decided around February that I wanted to do the Harris Half Marathon, since then the running bug has been feeding well on me, I’m looking forward to a few races in 2016.

Another goal that’s (hereby) smashed is making it to 100 posts on this blog. I often wonder what this (blogging here) should be about, as it drifts from ramblings about current affairs to personal anecdotes, memories and wild speculations.

What I don’t want it to become is some random diary without any substance or relevance, I’ll literarily do my best (if I can, at the time of writing, be arsed) to commit to certain standards.

And fun, I do commit to having fun, and loads of it! Happy Hogmanay and have a great start into 2016.


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