ceilidh on

The haggis in the place where I often get my lunch looked (as) great (a haggis probably can) today, I still gave it a miss. In cunclusion I cannot address the Haggis, missing out big time on that special night.

https://bergmannsgohighlands.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/ceilidh-on/Monday may not be the most suitable day for feasting anyway, I did have a cheeky dram on the Chieftain though, for good measure.

An introduction to some of Burns’ poems I read last year was so powerful in itself that it impressed me greatly. Slavoj Žižek has very strong views about the role of poets in society, as both a threat and a source of revolution, to brutaly simplyfy his often (and sometimes necesarilly so) nested thoughts.

school menu impromptu revolution

Poetry aside, a friend asked me (why me I don’t know) if it was still a proper Burns Night celebration if the Haggis was vegan, as he had one in the freezer. Without checking on any -pedias I assured him that as long as the bagpipes were loud enough it would be OK.

2016-01-25 12.32.31

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