ugly again

It’s more than twenty years since the album was released, but it was only recently re-introduced to my car’s CD rotation.

The band has been in Lienz, deep in the Tyrolian Alps, near where I grew up in ’95 and again in ’96. Supposedly they changed the tour schedule because they enjoyed snowboarding on and off the nearby slopes that much (that may not have been that big of a deal, looking at the mostly lower key venues, as  the 120 capacity “Creativ Centre” in Lienz).

“Yo, Mr. Trump, can I ask you a question
you got some spare change for me sucker?
’cause I’m down and out and there ain’t no doubt
That I am here to stay


You’ll take away my peace of mind
You’ll leave me there to rot and die
But look again, my careless friend
The world you live is just a lie”

This is from  “Panhandlin’ Prince” on “America’s least wanted” by Ugly Kid Joe.  A fantastic album to me in many ways with every track burned into my brain by what must have been kilometers of tape rolling past the pick-up.


Whitfield Crane, who I suppose not only sung but also wrote the lyrics, proving to be a prophet of the trumpocapolypse, sheds a whole different light on the whole album.

Joking of course, but joking aside it allows to smoothly digress into the realms of that current surging campaign o’er the great pond. In a few days Iowa will kick off the race for this year’s US presidential elections. It’s somewhat bizarre watching what seems to be going on from a cultural and geographic distance, how mad it must be “on the ground” I have no means of even grasping.

The american version off the through the roof insane far right, the Trump show is nothing short of scary.

I still have some hope that this will somehow just disappear, burn out and even if running for office get defeated in a landslide. From the other side of the political spectrum, slowly gaining more shocked attention from the so called democratic establishement emerges Sanders, son of a Polish immigrant and life long socialist by principle. After decades of nothing but a few families with nothing much but lobbies and corporate interests on their backs and the end of Obama’s not always glorious presidency, Sanders could spark a huge potential for radically positive system change, should that currently vivid movement not diffuse again all too soon.

Even the argument that the majority of voters, women, should vote Clinton to be better represented, for there being a first robot-, I mean woman president is somewhat flawed. Sanders in his decade long political life has proven time and again that gender equality, foremost equal pay, is more than a campaign slogan. His record of voting against the war in Irak is an argument that probably only matters within the party, saying that he will raise taxes again is such a slap in the face that voters hopefully at least consider having a look at what they would get in  exchange (free healthcare, free education, etc).

The unpredictability makes for a suspenseful race to la casa blanca, today I would bet on neither of the mentioned ‘radicals’, but who knows. Whitfield Crane knows.

Not to forget, presidential elections are also forthcoming in Austria as early as April. On a considerable smaller stage in terms of global interest, but not lacking the odd weirdo or two this should be entertaining too. More on that  maybe then and there.

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