one thousand

The other day what was planned as taking the dog for a quick run turned into  21k up and down Fyrish. I’ve tried to make a point starting this year with a decent amount of running and, January gone, so far I’m good.

I managed to get out (which, as is known, is apart from the first 3k the hardest part) in darkness, cold weather and often dashing through snow and skidding over ice on the first and the last day of the month, and 13 times in between.


The days slowly getting longer again makes a big change, especially the alliance of dark trails and ice is good for super slow motion experiences when avoiding to fall, but nothing I seek. And I should keep collecting some mileage in February, before commiting to a more demanding training plan again.

I’ve lashed out £75 and entered for three half marathons on the Isles of Skye, Barra and Harris. The Heb3 runs are within three weeks from 11. June to 2nd July. How last years decision to get that free T-Shirt (every finisher of three challenges gets a FREE T-Shirt!) turns out will be interensting. I’ll know by the end of September, if all goes well I’ll have run my first marathon along the banks of Loch Ness.

This all sounds fun, and really, for the essential part it is really just that. I’ve thought about fundraising through the races I’ve entered for some time. With so many good causes to get behind, it took me a while to chose one charity. I’ve dedicated to try to support a local initiative.

Since September last year The Highlands Support Refugees has collected and delivered emergency aid worth over £10k to northern France, Serbia and as far as Greece. Maybe only a tiny drop in the biggest humanitarian crisis in Europe for many decades, but efficient, coming from a good place and most importantly making that difference to someone.

If you can chip in at any level it would be much appreciated.

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