battle on

Everybody has their own battles. Me, you, everyone you’ve known and everyone around you.  If you’ve ever been ill or hurt and of course you have, then you know how it feels to be lost and alone. You’ll also have managed finding a way to move on, maybe you’ve had help from someone along the way.

Until very recently, those men and women now left to themselves across Europe and on it’s borders had no idea they were about to lose everything they had, their bare life on a silver string. Tens of thousands, everyone with their own desperate account of what happened, scattered across muddy terrain, sheltered at best. At worst treated like a disease, tear gassed and shoved into camps. The disgraceful ruling of European bodies fuels the unfolding disaster instead of handling it effectively, but that was to be expected.

If you’re sick of seeing photos of children’s feet swollen with frost boil and toes gone black because they only had Sandals on their 3500km trek over freezing Europe, then it’s time to do something. Venting outrage with words, wherever applicable, is one thing, but is worth nothing without practical hands on acts.

Locally, being very effective across Europe, The Highlands Supprt Refugees are a grass roots bunch of doers, that collect everything from warm clothes and shoes to food, toys and medicals – pack it up, stick it into a perfectly organised container and deliver it straight to where it is needed most.

I salute everyone who is engaged and in initiatives like this one. I’ve set up a fundraiser to support the transport of a container and would be incredibly thankful if you can chip in at any level big or small.




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