early bird

Danke, Thanks and ‘Ta for locking the first two percent of my goal to Austria, Australia and Scotland, thank you guys for being the first to donate, much appreciated.

Getting up early to squeeze in a run before work is the (remotely dreaded) challenge for the week ahead. After a sickly start to month I’ve managed to match the amount in kilometers I ran.

A week from today I’ll hopefully have finished the Inverness Half Marathon, it would be great to keep the fundraiser on level, a massive thanks ahead for everybody who chips in for the cause.


Registering for next Sunday’s run was a rather┬áspontaneous, not to say rushed decision. It’s not that I have not been running at all, so far it’s been 300km this year, but only a tenth of that on paved roads and none of it in proper training mode with some structure and the odd intervall or sprint.

I’ve got no idea how many people will take part, but am lightly starting to look forward to it. It’ll come down to a careful management of judgements of ambition, exhaustion and joy, while seeking to flow in control of the locomotor system (I just love that word). If I’m not past the finishing line by a quarter past two, something has gone terribly wrong. Hold your breath (don’t), and watch this space.



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