clerk offended

When I saw blue lights flashing on the shiny white BMW through the rear view mirror, my reaction was “must be an emergency, better pull over”, but instead they pulled in behind me.

It’s tempting to follow the “if only I had left home 2min later or earlier” train of thought, but to be honest I had had a sneaking suspicion whether the insurance policy had renewed after the first year, as I had convinced myself would be the case. To cut it short, that’s what got flagged up as a possible offence in a routine license plate scan.

So instead of going to work as planned I sat in the back of a remarkably neat and shiny unmarked Police car for about an hour, waiting for my car to be towed. I would not say that there was much banter, but the ordeal was dealt with professionally and relaxed and in the end they were kind enough to give me a lift into town. At one point I mentioned that a close relative is a colleague of theirs, which led to near-banter, as much as possible from the back of a police car. The worst thing about it of course was finding out the damage, as in money wasted (a f*cking lot) and points on the license. Then again the insurance expired almost three months ago, and there are worse possible outcomes than a narrowly avoided court case.

This was yesterday. At the end of the day I had managed to get new insurance cover, paperwork done (precisely one stamp to be collected at the reception desk of the Highland’s Police headquarter) and a lift from a workmate to pick up my car. So today, my last day of work before 10 days off, driving to Inverness, just off the Rosestreet roundabout in the centre a police car with flashing lights appears behind me. “Oh, an emergency, better pull over”. But of course they stopped behind me. “Good morning. We’ve stopped you because your car was flagged as possibly without insurance.” The following ensued:

“You must be joking”
“Certainly not.”
“I feel like I’m  in’ Groundhog Day.’ I was stopped on the Black Isle yesterday, because my insurance had expired. I was fined, towed, got  new insurance and my car back!”
“Ahem, are you … ‘s brother in law?”
“Aah, right.”
“Wow, so that news spread quickly”
“Ok then, bye”

Inverness Castle, home to the Clerk of Justice’s office

I’ve got 26 days left to face the Clerk of Justice in Inverness Castle to pay for my offence; which will hurt, but there are worse walks to have than up that wee hill with a beautiful view. But before all that, lots of time off and plenty time for outdoor daytrips, if need be with a fully legal, 100% insured car. Hell yeah.

2015-09-01 10.03.50
Superduck enjoying the view from Inverness Castle grounds

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