12k aftermath

Luna did not look pleased at all when getting my trainers on was not as usual followed by her getting a collar and lead. Anniversaries allow for exceptions though.

It’s a year today since I headed off to my first run. So ignoring the cold, wet weather and putting a walk with the pooch off for later, I set off just after 7am.

I have not missed the cars zooming past, dragging clouds of exhaust fumes behind. I’ll now always prefer a run through the woods, the uphill running seems to have its effects. After 12km this time last year, this year so far I’ve done 502km, the added up 11.200m altitude difference already threethousand metres above all of 2015. I was back home just before eight, exactly 20 minutes faster than a year ago.

The back end of the day however turned out a complete disaster.

Let me explain. There’s a bake off going in the office, after two competing teams in recent weeks, I’m in on the production line this time. Now, I knew this would along come and I had planned a test-bake, but was surprised two days ago, so no time for any experiments. As much I enjoy cooking, I. Do. Not Bake. Have not, so far, at least, and apart from maybe baking bread every now and again – I shall leave it there.

As a kid I saw my mum bake cakes countless  times. I called her two hours ago for the recipe and got going straight away. Doing this, I remembered how it smelled and how the dough looked, back then. What I had in front of me was nothing like it at all. In fact, in the lead up to the sticky mass finally getting shoved into the hot oven (too hot, as I later found out) I said to myself “Wow, this is wrong on so many levels”.

But hey, can’t do everything well. I did my best to get the (isolated and few, really) burned bits off and will camouflage the whole “Guglhupf” in chocolate icing. It probably won’t be delicious, or serious competition, but what it is (not really a Guglhupf) and at least there’ll be other ones to tuck into recklessly.


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