bake on

For the sake of fairness, let alone good taste, there was no way I could have voted for my own bake in the office bake-off earlier today. How I ended up winning a ticket to the grand finale remains a mystery to me.

My late night, last minute desperate dough disaster, ended up covered in thick chocolate icing and made the car journey to Inverness in one piece. Which, considering its consistency, is not surprising.

non guglhupf1
to ad blasphemy to injury I’d pimped the dough with a few sprinkles of desiccated coconut, because why nut?

Maybe, but only maybe, my misshaped Guglhupf was the one least burned in today’s tasting. A comment was “Tastes great, juicy and soft on the inside, nice and crunchy on the outside!”

NO Guglhupf must EVER be crunchy. This comes from someone who has a proven record of scoffing countless cakes of magnificent sorts,  thus entitled to an expert testimony.

lovely chocolate cake with strawberries soaked in rum and tasty lemon drizzle left and right, chocolate camouflaged, half burned Frankenstein Guglhupf in the middle.

For the final two of my colleagues, who know what they’re doing in terms of cake baking (and beyond), plus myself will have to each bake the same cake.

Not that I have great ambitions, but before that, I will find time for some experimental test-bakes. If only for the love of dough.


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