climate strange

It is April and I live in Scotland but, admittedly, when I heard the word “Blizzard” on the radio this morning, I nearly choked on my porridge. 

Continental weather is a lot more stable than it’s northern neighbour, where everything pretty much just blows over all the time. I get that. But seasonal extremes interchanging several times an hour must be called unduly, even with those never settling currents.

sunny wood
cracker of a day, less than ten minutes later … see below

When I started a short walk with Luna it was shirt and shades, 10minutes in we were in a full blown whiteout, another 15minutes later the sun out in force again with barely any wind.

Once I was at this tree I wanted to take a photo of, winter wonderland was on again. You see, I do go to great lenghts to bring to this blog the wonders of woods.

“Nothing odd abouth three small tres, wassup with that” I hear you say?

Visibility could be better, but below you should be able to make out that those trees don’t grow on the ground. Instead, they grow 15 metres above ground, on top of another tree.


Did I mention I grew up in Mittewald (translating into “middle of the woods”)…?

After a good 10 years in a great citiy and then five in suburbia, I am near an amazing forrest once again, won’t swap it, sunshine or sleet (enough with the sleet though, seriously).

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