wavelength rhapsody

The tiny village of Ardross is  probably only known to non-residents because a Pictish stone was found here once. The encounter I had last weekend doesn’t go back as far as the Picts, but turned out containing a blast from the past nontheless.

We were invited to a wedding party at the village hall. Apart from proud bagpipe renditions, an impressive density of sgian-dubhs in the room and a very busy bar, there was great music and lots of dancing. I love a live band at a wedding, and this one was particularly good at what it was doing – mainly crowd pleasers and all time favourites.

Not taking off to Bohemian Rhapsody is not an option, ever. The dancefloor was cleared many hours later after “Loch Lomond” as the final encore, with one all-embracing circle of staggering, happy celebrants.

savoury cheescake, chieftain of the night buffet

After the band had played, I stood talking to the bass player. Mentioning that I’m Austrian he said, “Oh, yeah, I lived in Vienna for some time, great city!”, it went on like this

“I’ve stayed in Vienna too, where did you live? Do you remember which discrict?”
“Yeah, sure, the fourth, near Margarethenstrasse, I think”
“Wow, that’s where I lived, too. When was that?”
“Dunno man, must have been 10, more like 15 years ago”
“Same here! Do you know “Johnny’s Pub?”
“Sure, been there a lot!”
“Me too!”

It turned out we knew quite a few of the same people and it’s more than likely, that we’ve met or just passed by each other before. Middle of the night, middle of nowhere (just about),nice coincidence.

In other news, I was in the garden a moment ago and heard a distant noise. Someone with a chainsaw in the woods, a bit late for that though. It got louder exponentially quickly  from where I thought it was, so someone was approaching on a small motorbike instead.

I knew it wasn’t that when, in a split second of terror the image of a bumble bee, the size of a small hamster (I kid you not.) exploded in front my face at 160dB in orange and black. It went it’s own business though and buzzed on, showing off Doppler effect stuff and all.

The bottom line: Life is full of surprises, you only need to run into them (sometimes a near miss is just fine, too).


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