double up

Scrolling down my timeline, a black and white photo of John Lydon came up, “Oh no” I thought, not another loss in (now) pop culture. Turned out, it was only about an interview with a local promotion site, his band Public Image Limited will play the Ironworks in Inverness on June 11th. 


In an instant reaction to the shock / relief I bought a ticket for the night straight away.

Then I remembered.

June 11th. Fantastic.


Between 10.30am* and the gig, roughly 12 hours later, I’ll have to fit in driving to Portree, doing the Isle of Skye Half Marathon (starts at*), the first of the Heb3 to which I’ve signed up a couple of months ago, and be back in time to maybe take a shower and see the show.

Raceday hooray!

On that note, I hope to up the antes on my fundraiser in aid of The Highlands Support Refugees,with funds laging behind the mileage, any contribution is much appreciated.

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