come together

Fingers crossed that, being a EU citizen (and, I will add, a Tiroler first), I will still be equipped with a good perspective of calling here my home, in full legal right, this time tomorrow.

Which gives away my position in the EU in/out referendum, which again is only theoretically relevant, because me not being a British citizen means I don’t ge to vote.

eye-witness account from the Floatilla, at least comedy silver

Needless to say, media coverage has been dominated by so called Brexit for weeks and even more so throughout the past few days (leaving the football EM aside; which as of today is fine with me, cheers Iceland, and god speed).

With recent events ranging from a boat chase unfolding into mad scenes of Bob Geldorf verbally mud-wrestling Michael Farage on the river Thames, to the brutal murder of Jo Cox by a right wing psychopath, nobody remains unaffected. Listening to a call-in on the way to work this morning a man said “If they’re stupid enough to let us vote on that, they’ll see what they get!” and somehow I hope he does not have a point there.

The EU is in dire need of reform, no doubt. I have no clear idea of what leaving would mean for Great Britain, but I doubt milk and honey would not start flowing under rainbow lit skies, instead the likelyhood of far nastier consequences around the corner in case of a leave vote seem far more realistic.


In that lovely old house by the beach (pictured above) where me and the girls will be for a good week starting this Friday, there’s no TV and most certainly no internet. At all.  With a bit of luck (and good weather) we’ll be able to pick up on the news via radio, but only, if there’s no powercut. Roll on, good times.

What’s ahead, I don’t mean my holidays, but the “big issues” to tackle, like climate change, migration and maybe even foremost education, etc. can only properly be addressed on a large scale. To clarify, I don’t mean in a uniforming way by any means, but in terms of fair distribution and sensible participation.

Europe has thrived in relative peace for decades, with Britian literally helping to build it from scratch. This, and a growing presence of reformist political forces allow for some hope, that the news I might hear down in south Harris  at some point on Friday, will report a decisive vote for Britain to remain in the EU.

But, in all optimism, I’ll hand over the final words on the matter to Mr. Frankie Boyle:

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