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It’s been a while, admittedly, so before this suffers further neglect, a few words on things. And of things there’s been no lack of whatsoever!

Too many things and too little time to sit down and arrange thoughts on them all. To catch up on that “oh, any about my running…” thread: I’ve been OK since late July after that dreadful fall and have caught up with training. Less than three weeks to the Loch Ness Marathon now, I’ve stepped things up from a month with a good 50k a week to a good 50mi now, so far it’s going well.

Once I get going I normally really enjoy it, it’s become mostly a time issue. Trying to squeeze training units in somehow lately led to getting up hours before any sensible person should have to get up. Then again, rushing from shower to bacon roll at 8.30am after a 90min, 20k ‘dogwalk’ through the hills feels pretty neat.

I am aware of that talk, but tend to skip through it, whenever “the man with the hammer” or “the wall” get mentioned. On a bad day I feel like running against a wall right from the start, but heavy legs and painful cramps on my so far longest run, about 35k, made every additional minute a huge challenge. Anyway, come time, come wall (and Mexico will pay for it!), or maybe not. (If that’s enough running stuff for now, skip the next paragraph; you’re welcome).

A month ago, I spontaneously signed up to the Nairn half marathon. It’s rare enough, that I full heartedly moan about the Scottish heat, but that day was too much! No breeze, plain roads through golden fields with the sun glaring down, mercilessly “deep fried Bergmann” with sore, swollen feet. I messed up my pace shortly past the start and stopped for a minute twice at a waterstation, catching my breath. At more than one point dropping out was a big temptation, I somehow made it past the finish line. First time this year not under 90mins, but after cooling down it was still a great day, funfair for the kids, icecreams and all.


The intense training luckily coincides with a charity we’re supporting at work, gathering miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats. There’s only a few weeks left on the fundraiser I set up at the start of the year, too. With the Brexit vote and no shortage of global crisis left, right and centre, the ongoing migrant crisis has not only lost public interest but also finds itself in a changed narrative, as if loosing their identity and dignity were not enough already. There’s many great charities about, THSR is small and run entirely by volunteers, with countless hours of work being put to help directly and unbureaucratic. Chip in, spread the word, sponsor a smile and much more.

If you read until here, through the waffels about running and my fundraising appeal I’m afraid you’re only in for a mere preview, for now. Work wise, a big project got finished, and a new one started. It’ll involve a lot more creative and hands on routines, against a tough timeline, but still. I’m really looking forward to that, roll on #Nessiewood! I’ve been back over on Harris a month ago while my mum was over for a visit. Good times were had, even though I my phone found a new home down the machair, at the beach, or up a hill. School has started again after two birthdays in a fortnight early August, lot’s of growing up going on.

There’s a ton of things I’d like to and one point soon will write on some more. Unpleasant stuff, which is mostly covered by politics, fascinating stuff (there might be a quantum comupter in a few years! Philae has been found!) and more waffles on rare encounters of all kinds. Of course not to forget surely long awaited news from the tattie patch (did I mention blue potatoes?). Anyway, not now, but soon, and to finish with a particularly fine anachronism: stay tuned.

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